We have always had animals at home – cats, dogs, parrots, fish, hamsters, etc. Me and my dad have had a great passion for everything that’s alive. When I was born my parents had a beautiful black European cat Jaga. Jagunia will remain in my memories forever. Then we had Asta (cross female), with whom I spent 15 wonderful years. After she had passed away I was looking for a doggie who would look like Asta as much as possible. We made a choice and got a Shetland sheepdog. In February 2002 Bonnie moved in – an amazing female with a pacifist spirit (you may visit her at : www.szetland.pl).
       In 2005 a new resident settled in our house - Invar Blaze Alterhouse*PL. A little prankster, who had won our hearts at the very first moment. A first maine coon in our house. A boy, who always has a lot to tell us about. ... Looking back it was him who caused that we fell in love with maine coons and at present we cannot imagine our life without them.

       In 2007 a wonderful female of heavenly colours - DK* Ankicoon’s Colombine (we call her Sofie or Zosia) moved in. A girl of character – real fearless „Viking”, and at the same time a huge darling! Ann and Kim, thank you for our amazing princess.

       Summer 2008 was a time when our house swarmed with little maine coons. Juicy and Eddie became a part of our family. Two marvellous kittens, who turned our world upside down. Juicy – FIN* Escape’s Juicy Lucy – is a girl, for whom twenty-four hours is simply too short. She is so busy with fascinating things around her that she has no time for anything. Tricks and tricks – that’s all she has on her mind. She can talk in a very effusive way about everything that has happened to her lately and what had happened before we met … Jaana, how can we thank for that ray of happiness in our lives? A huge thanks!

       At last Eddie – DK* Wytopitlock Don Eduardo. It’s a maine coon, for whom we were waiting for a long time but it was worth it! It’s a boy, who loves to play and eat, but he also finds time to think about sense of existence ;-) Eddie purrs almost continuously, even a vet is welcomed by his loud purring! He loves to hug and he’s always nearby. Charlotte and Anette, thank you for Eddie and for making him a part of our life.